MSN Protocol Version 13

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MSN Protocol Version 13

Overview · Changes · Challenges · Sharing Folders · Example Session
SOAP Address Book: Retrieving the lists · Updating the membership lists · Updating the AB
Other features using SOAP: Offline Messaging · Passport 3.0 authentication


MSNP13 is the protocol version introduced with Windows Live Messenger 8.0. It is based on MSNP12 but incompatible due to changes in how the client processes the contact list.

Now that Windows Live Messenger 8 final is live, MSNP13 is working with the usual server, on port 1863. Note: If you have signed up for the Yahoo! Interoperability BETA, you need to support MSNP14!

MSNP13 also introduces full compatibility with Offline Messaging (previous clients could only receive OIMs), which is documented here.


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